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6 Things Not to Do After the COVID-19 Lockdown Ends

As all the world is suffering from the pandemic of the COVID-19. There is a very crucial lockdown in the whole world. Everyone is restricting to be at home. The death toll is almost 1.5 million. Almost 2.2 million people affected.

This pandemic also affects the economy of the whole world. All trade and business activities have been stopped due to the lockdown.

People getting bored in this quarantine. Everyone is now waiting for the end of this quarantine and lockdown. Everyone is praying for the betterment of the situation. Let’s hope for the best. A good time will come.

Now, I want to add something more to it. So, when this lockdown ends then these things we don’t do.

Don’t Forget the Social Distancing:

After Lockdown ends, we have not to forget the phenomena of social distancing because this virus would not vanish easily. Some people are planning to rush to parties.

Some are planning to attend the bar clubs after lockdown. But this will be a bad and harmful approach for those who are planning such activities. According to the experts, it will take almost 4-6 weeks to vanish completely. So, we must maintain social distancing. It will good for us and our families.

social distancing

Don’t Stop Washing Hands:

As we are washing our hands regularly. We are washing almost 10-15 times our hands in a day. This is a very healthy approach. Washing the hands not only protect us from the virus. It also protects us from harmful bacteria and germs.

So, we don’t stop washing our hands. Because when we starting going outside and interacting with other people then, there are chances of being affected by a virus. As a result, keep washing hands and stay healthy.

washing hands

Don’t Visit Immediately the Affected People:

I know there is a curiosity in people to visit a recovered person. But this will be very dangerous. Because as I discussed above his will not vanish rapidly. We should avoid visiting the affected people as well as the high-risk persons.

I know there are friends and family members of us in the medical staff and in the police department. We are missing their company and wanted to reunite but there will be high risk. So, we must maintain a social distance of 6 feet while interacting with them.

high risk people

Don’t Plan National or International Vacations:

This quarantine period has been very tough for us. Staying at home for a long time is not easy. Some people are planning to have an abroad trip after this lockdown. This will not a good decision. Because the airplanes and the staff are also high-risk persons.

As I discussed above that we should not visit the high-risk persons. This will be very harmful. And there are fair chances of getting affected. So, we should avoid it.

No travel

Don’t Forget the Habit of Wearing Face Mask:

As we are wearing face masks to avoid germs and viruses. We must keep this habit constant because this is also a healthy approach. After lockdown, this does not confirm that COVID-19 also finished.  So, we don’t toss out our masks.

We should continue the habit of wearing a mask. In gathering when someone has flue and he is not wearing the mask then; other persons will also be affected by him.

face mask

Don’t Forget to Help the Poor Like Now:

As we are helping the poor and needy persons in such bad economical situations. After this quarantine, we must don’t forget to help the poor and needy persons. Because many people are jobless these days. After this quarantine, it will take time to create job opportunities in the market.

So, in these days as we helping the poor, we must help them after the quarantine. This will be a great virtue.

helping poor