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The Book On The Life Of Qandeel Baloch Took Her To 13 Countries

The Slain Qandeel Baloch was the most controversial star of Pakistani social media. Sanam Maher wrote a book on her life which is not just being read but is also shown off proudly by people around the world.

This book has taken Qandeel Baloch to 13 countries of the world. Her sensational lifetime begin to open up from her hometown Multan to numerous destinations such as Lahore, Hunza, Istanbul, London, India, UAE, Qatar, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, US, Canada, Turkey, Thailand, Shigar and Myanmar.

The book with the name of Qandeel Baloh on the lain mate red color among her face image and writer’s name on it spotted with 13 known landmarks in Pakistan’s cities. A lot of readers are liking the book and they presented that on vacations too. They made the writer feel by their comments and picture captions as it is not just Qandeel Baloch’s book but she herself is going out with them. Fans made this book the part of their lives.

Sanam Maher wrote”People message me things like ‘Oh, I took Qandeel out for lunch today’. I think that’s really interesting because when Qandeel was killed, people felt that very personally. It wasn’t just another honour killing or one of the hundreds of stories we hear. There was a connection, an emotional response that was so significant, it was a turning point. Now that the book’s come out, it has Qandeel’s face on the cover and her name as well, i think it kind of carries on that connection that people felt.”

Book travel images are famous, Maher additionally shared that readers are also sending images of book with their pets “like dogs and cats reading the book” and than she further explained it  “I stopped posting those because I figured maybe some people won’t appreciate that.”

Sanam Maher also shared that babies are also liking her book. “I’ve had lots of messages from mothers saying that ‘my kid isn’t giving the book back to me’,. LOL  “Children are apparently liking the cover because it’s so bright and colourful.”

Some of the places where Qandeel visited, Have a look.