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safety tips

Ways to Keep Ourselves Safe from Coronavirus While Going Outside | Safety Tips

Nowadays, everyone knows about the pandemic of COVID-19. Almost 1.5 million people have died with this crucial virus. The whole world has been locked down. But someone has to go outside for daily life needs like grocery & medicine. So, according to the current situations we have some important safety tips for you.

Here are some safety tips you should follow while going outside. These are the precautions to avoid coronavirus-19.

Social Distance:

If we have to go outside then we must have to maintain the social distance. Social Distancing is the way that keeps ourselves away from the coronavirus. Here are some tips according to social distancing.

  • If you are in a queue you must have a distance of 6 Feet from the next and the previous one.
  • Avoid handshaking. Just say “Hello”.
  • Avoid touching each other.
  • If you are at the counter of a shop the must maintain a distinct distance.
  • Go outside lonely.
  • Avoid parties and gatherings.

social distancing

Always Wear Mask While Going Outside:

This virus enters the human body from the nostrils and from the mouth. So, we have to wear a mask while going outside. We can never assume the affected person in the gathering. Firstly, we have to avoid gathering. If something really important then we has to use the face mask.

wear mask

If a person is suffering from flue then he must wear a mask. By wearing this he can also save others from the germs.

Always Use Hand Gloves (Disposable) While Going Outside:

Wearing hand gloves is another good practice. Likewise, if we are going outside for shopping, then we have to use the cart for shopping. If we are using gloves then, there are fewer chances to get infected by germs.

Similarly, if we are using ATM then gloves also protect our hands from having germs. So, you must have to wear hand gloves while going outside. Don’t forget to dispose-off the hand gloves while arrived back home.

use hand gloves

Never Neglect Your Car or Bike:

You must have to sanitize your car, bike or bicycle while going and arriving back home. Because we often don’t care about our car and bike.

So, we have to wipe out our car bike or bicycle with antigerm fluids.  Because if we park them outside then there is a possibility of germs on it. So, we must wipe it.

sanitizing car

Never Use a Taxi or Lift:

Having a taxi nowadays is not safe at all. As all taxi services have been blocked. But some are not. We should avoid having a taxi because there are chances that may this taxi used to carry the patient or any medical staff. There is a chance that may be an infected person use this.

So. It’s my opinion that you would not use a taxi service nowadays.

avoid taxi

Don’t Handle Cash:

As we all know that the cash has come to us from different hands. So, it will be good for us that we don’t handle cash for some time. According to the research there are too many germs on currency notes.

There are fair chances that cash we are using came from an infected person or any medical staff. So, we avoid cash these days. This is the ERA of Digital Banking and must use this. Another thing we use is plastic money. We can use our ATM cards.

avoid cash handling

Wash Hands When Arrived Back to Home:

After doing all the precautionary measures and safety tips above you must wash your hands when you arrived back to your home. This is the most important thing. This must be the first process when you enter from the door of your home.  Never do anything before washing your hands.

wash your hands