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Review Of Teefa In Trouble, A Perfect Mix Of Comedy and Action

Let me tell you that this is only a review of “TEEFA IN TROUBLE” and not about Ali’s personal life or character report.

As a singer and musician Ali Zafar has made an exemplary track record. We appreciated his outstanding transition into acting. His most anticipated movie debut has been released yesterday and was liked by the most. He singlehandedly carried the whole film and made a spectacular addition to local cinema.

TEEFA IN TROUBLE is directed by Ahsan Rahim, the story revolves around Ali who played the role of Teefa – A-Dangerous-Hooligan for Mehmood Aslam as Butt Sahab who hires Teefa to kidnap his close friend Javed Sheikh as Banzo’s daughter for his son. Banzo’s daughter role is played by the gorgeous Maya Ali as Anya. And then the story of the film kicked off in Poland where Teefa traveled to kidnap Anya.

The stunning visuals all over in the movie was shot by Zain Haleem. The most worth noticeable thing is, it is an action comedy movie, everything is done perfectly. To date, TEEFA IN TROUBLE is truly the best action sequences we have seen in local films. Ali Zafar set a new benchmark with TEEFA IN TROUBLE in Pakistan’s film industry.

The character “Teefa” got his own signature as a superhero, not in a way of magical superhero or Bollywood “Dabang Bhai” but a normal human who is handling everything by his own and this couldn’t have happened without Ahsan and Shani Arshad, one is the builder of this character while the other one sets background scores.

Although the background pieces of music in scenes were hijacking that made scenes even more powerful. The first half was galloping towards 2nd half which was full of entertaining climaxes and some lines were very cleverly written and fitted, you will definitely enjoy these moments.

Additionally, Faisal Qureshi, as a comedian proves to be a good choice. As a sidekick to Teefa, he performed very well.

Maya Ali is a future starlet. She is looking more than pretty in the film and has the grace that big screen always needs. The chemistry between Teefa and Anya was lovely as the cool breeze. Kudos to Maya Ali for performing in such a brilliant way, she will definitely be going to get more big roles in the future. Her “Item Number” is her heart-stealing song. All songs of this movie “Item Number”, “Chan ve”, “Butt Sahab”,”Sajna Door”, “Nahin Jaana”, and “Ishq Nachaunda” are marvelous and well penned.

TEEFA IN TROUBLE stands upon the pillar “Ali Zafar” we all know. He balances every action and comedy out with wit. Ahsan’s impeccable style and unique direction made him Pakistani cinema’s big addition to the big leagues. I must say go and enjoy this masterpiece.

RATING: 4 out of 5.

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