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Review: 20th Episode Of “Ishq Tamasha”

You just fall more for “Ishq Tamasha” every week as it gives a good break time form the current world happenings, where you just forget the tensions of the world for some time and tune to “Ishq Tamasha”.

Some exceptional performances and an excellent story are summed up in “Ishq Tamasha”. Junaid Khan, Mehrab, Kinza Hashmi and Saba Faisal performed very well. However, nothing much happened this week except Mehrab still failed to dampen Rushna’s spirits. Rushna goes on and on to make Junaid happy. Rushna sensed the attraction of love between Mehrab and Mirha so she tries to confront Mehrab about their relationship but he didn’t listen to her and shuts her down at the spot.


While Wahaaj apologizes from Mirha and then she asks him to put everything to the rest and take a stand. Mirha thinks of supporting herself confidently. Wahaaj is trying to enter into Mirha’s life again as he wants her to be with him badly but Mirha is not interested in him that way. The flames Wahaaj set in Mirha earlier for him seems to be dimmed by the attraction between Mehraab and Mirha sharing.


On the other hand, Mehraab wants to call Mirha because he is missing her and ignores Rushna continuously. Rushna calls her mother and tells her about the attraction story of Mehraab and Mirha, she also says to her mother that Mirha has influenced her husband and Mehrab is taking interest in her.

Will confused Mehraab contact Mirha? Will he save Mirha from his mother’s rage? What will Chachi do with Mirha? Let us know your thoughts about this episode in the comment section below.

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