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The wonderful exhibition gave inspiration of Sufi love was baptized “THE SELF WE SHARE ll” celebrated and inspired from the working of faiz, rumi and bulleh shah.

It was a grouped exhibition showcasing the drudgery of most prestigious and renowned calligraphists, also teachers at Punjab University, Lahore “Zahra Hussain, “Arif Khan”, “Shaha Abdullah Alamee” and “Sana Zaidi” among three younger artists, launched on Tuesday by the respected “Ahmed Mohamad Fadel Yacoub”, an Egyptian ambassador.

The director of significant Satrang art gallery “Asma Rashid Khan” remarked that the three superb younger artists showed their inspiration from the Sufi anthropologist’s poetry and writings, focusing “Rumi”, their efforts commemorated the mysticism ideals of gaiety, love paintings.

She added: “At a time when it is easy and prevalent to highlight separations and differences amongst human beings and communities, this show highlights the power of the strength within ourselves, as individuals but more importantly as a community, as a collective.”

Ambassador Yacoub said: “Islamic calligraphy has always been a highly venerated form of art as they recorded Quranic ayats and Muslims preferred using geometric patterns and floral motifs to embellish spaces such as mosques.”

Arif Khan, who travelled from Lahore for the opening, said: “In this collection I have been drawn focus on one of the Haroof al-Muqatta’at, the do-chashmee hay. The Holy Quran contains a set of letters that are placed in the beginning of surahs, and the meanings of these are shrouded in mystery. The meanings and purposes of these are unknown. I would request that you stand in front of my paintings and after a few minutes the paintings will speak to you.”

The use of bold, dark and vibrant colors, specially black written words got all the attention of public, free style made it center of attraction and focal point of that area. The letters are was hidden behind numerous colors just like it’s meaning.

Zahra Hussain Shah’s paintings portrays whirling dervish, Sufi dance, Rumi’s poetry reflection, tempo and essence. The sensational waves of ocean is showed by the paintings of Sana Zaidi while the only carver Shah Abdullah Alamee in the exhibition showed his inspired workings from Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Rumi and Baba Bulleh Shah.

I suggest to organize more art exhibitions to encourage their talent and flairs.