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Another Election B/W Ushna Shah and Mahira Khan

Pakistan’s elections are going to happen next week but, you have to vote for another small election.

Celebrities have started their own contest and they are our all-time favorite actresses Ushna Shah and Mahira Khan.

Both the celebrities are going to war for their favorite beverages and slogans.

When Ushna Shah started her “Chai Party” upon which Mahira Khan decided to start her “Coffee Party” then this all begin.

Ushna Shah promoted the hashtag “Uthna Hi Kaafi Hai” among “Social League Of Walkers (SLOW) while Mahira Khan wants to oppose this “Getting Up Is Enough” campaign.

Because Mahira Khan is a coffee lover and doesn’t want “Chai Anthem” to take over as waking up is only essential for life.

Mahira, with Nescafe, presented her own hashtag “Uthna Kaafi Nahi hai” in English “Getting Up Is Not Enough” and announced about her Coffee Party of “JTPP” or “Jaagna Toh Parega”.

She updated a status on social media on July 17, 2018, which goes viral, Mahira said “Waqt aagya hai badalne ka, kyunke #uthnakaafinahihai. Announcing my party at a press conference very soon #jaagnatohparega Ushna Shah”


We love both of them and the ways in which they presented their leagues, one with an election symbol of teacup among slogan “Uthna Hi Kaafi Hai” and the other with an election symbol of Nescafe among slogan “Jaagna Toh Parega” including “Uthna kaafi Nahi hai”.

Some are supporting SLOW party

While others want to raise the shine supporting “JTPP”

Waseem Badami also tweeted upon the hottest topic as “Already Itni Parties Hain, Ab Kya Celebrities Bhi Elections Lade Gi…”.


By the way, which side are you on? Chai or Coffee? What wakes you up? Let us know in the comment section below.

Stay tuned with us for more updates.