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Angry Feroze Khan Gave Middle Finger To The Protesters

Last night, at the premiere of Ali Zafar’s latest movie starring both Maya Ali and Ali Zafar “Teefa In Trouble”, Feroze Khan got angry and gave protesters middle finger.

Ali Zafar was accused of sexual harassment by Meesha Shafi and that controversy has shrouded his action-packed movie “Teefa in Trouble”. While the case is still not closed yet and muffled up at court. Across the nation, it is proliferated by a solid division to get the public’s opinion whether to boycott Ali’s movie or not.

We thought it is worth watching his movie instead of degrading a man’s struggle to build Pakistani film industry’s well being. That harassment controversy is a different matter. Anyways, last night in Karachi, the premiere of “Teefa In Trouble” was tormented with public’s protests outside the Nueplex cinema.

The outcast was also present for there for the movie’s premiere but they hindered to enter the facility by the booming protests.

Feroze khan eyed down to a protester in a very intimidating shutdown way, who stopped him outside the cinema chanting “Ali Zafar boycott”.

He talked to people by hand movements to make them sure about words before shouting “RESPECT RESPECT”.

But no one was listening so he did a “Thug Life” action by giving the protestors middle finger in anger.

First, he was conversating with the protestors, asking “Am I The One?”, however, protestors were having it or not, he walked away from them.

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