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6 Tips For Lazy People To Get Ready Super Fast

Be the person who never runs late that makes you active and others curious. Get the comments like how are you dressed up all the time? Don’t be confused over how can I get ready on time? So, ladies, the good news is it’s nothing, you can do it easily with a few efforts, smart plannings and that’s it.

And if you are an extremely lazy girl then the tips you are going to get will be immensely handy to you. I really hope you will find these secret points helpful.


Set this for all out of time, from next time just try your sleeping suit with a nice pair of skirt, bellbottoms or any loose pyjama. With it, just put on a little bit of blush and light lipstick to feel you put some effort to stat and carry any steady bag to pull the look together and you are ready.


Do not waste your time in doing an elaborate makeup routine when you are running late. Turning up on time is more attractive than putting a lot of makeup. It is suggested to as I think instead you should have to tape some pores and use like a nice fresh compact powder on your face to lense some coverage to your skin. After small finishing of your skin just quickly wear some Kajol to open up your eyes and they will look way broader. For lips, use a lip gloss because it is easy to apply than a lipstick and it is also more fun in this season, don’t forget to pat some of the same coloured lip gloss on your cheeks, that’s it. This is how you can do makeup to go on time.


Taking bath at night and making braids on both of the sides and then sleeping will give you the gorgeous and cool loose wavy hairs in the morning so you don’t have to waste your time in doing hair do’s.


Instead of creating an outfit by mixing, matching and wasting a lot of time just clip into any kind of long dress like maxi or long frock, to be honest. The first thing is you don’t have to worry about wearing it with the right thing like paired or suited pyjamas or pants and it looks really stylish, just add a pleasant lip colour and you are good to go.


Always remember to have some stash pieces of jewellery in your bag, maybe a nice pair of tops, chokers or even statement earrings. You can literally wear them on the way to save your time and take your look up and watch.


Last but not the least, never compromise with your breakfast, never skip it. It’s bad for your health and steals all the glow of your skin and also just bad to start with your day going hungry out of the home. Have some protein bars and yoghurt pack on your way to give your body the energy it needs and yes, a good and healthy start of your day.

So, that’s it for the day. I hope these things will help in day to day routine, especially if you are a college or university girl or even goes out for work. We love to know if you have any other tips then let us know in the comment section below.

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