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5 Minutes Intense Plank Challenge to a Flat Stomach and Strong Abs

Try this optimal 5 minutes  workout to get a flatter stomach.

It is a dream of every person to look beautiful and it can only be happen if you have a good body. A fit body is essential live a healthy life. Too much Fats in body can lead you to different kind of maladies and don’t let you look nice.

Luckily, here we have the total breakout with these amazing intense belly exercises for everyone.

As we all know that a plank is brilliant to make your abs strong and work on your upper body among legs. So, lets get ready and lets do this.

There will be 10 workouts and each workout will be of 30 seconds long and then we will move on to the next exercise without any break.

1.Plank Hold

Get down to the mat and remember that your shoulders should always be in line to your hips and legs, keep your body straight and flat and hold this pose for 30 seconds.

That’s your first plank workout so remember that your butt do not perk, do not too shallow to ground, make a nice solid flat back. If you feel shaking in your arms and in core than it is absolutely fine. It means your muscles are engaging.

2. Plank Rock

In this workout you just need to rock your body back and forward. It tightens your back and core. You will feel really tight.

Tighten and engage your core and feel abs tightening really hard, your belly in, squeeze your butt and everything should b tight as possible as you can. make your shoulders free and relax your upper body and keep working.

3. Plank Hip Dip

Just dip side to side. Move left to right and low your hips as low as you can to the flour. You will feel your obliques are working more for this plank. It will reduce your belly sides.

4. Plank Leg Tap

So be in again plank hold position and than start your legs in and out one by one. Do it with each side, your abs in this exercise will slightly start to burning out. Feeling the burn is a definite outcome that you are doing it right and your abs are on fire.

Let me remind you that your body should be undeviating.

5. Plank Hand Tap.

This is our next exertion, this will be bit more challenging. Just reach your arm out and than tap in. Do this with both the sides.

Your body should be in the same plank position just one by one adjust your whole body only on one arm like let the right arm reach out and tap in and than do the same with left arm. Remember to breath in and out.

 6. Sprinter Plank

In sprinter plank you have to up your body on your palms. This will be kind of little more cardio to your routine and your challenge. Do it like you run daily but in a plank position. Do not raise your head and observe your core muscles are working. Keep doing it for 30 seconds.

7. Plank Jack

Make your upper body strong, just jack in and out. This is also cardio and let me keep remind you again that your back should be as flat as you can. Keep going with this exercise daily will flatter your lower ab and strengthen your lower abs muscles. Do it for 30 seconds without taking break by the end of last workout.

8. Plank Up Down

You have to stay strong for 30 secs to complete plank up and down. Palm plank position and than start with one arm bent let your body stay on other hand and down. It is a good exercise for your arms and shoulders as well. Simply go down with arm and push it up.

9. Spider-man Plank

In spider-man plank you need to bring your knee to your elbow by crunching side by side, fair bring it in and out. Sense your side abs working. Squeeze tightly your side when moving knee to touch your elbow. Squeeze hard and it will burn back and front side fat to make them slim down.

10. Plank Cross

In the last 30 seconds will be tougher, as the name contains cross word so, it is very easy to know what it means. Just cross the leg over other inward. In spider-man plank you were working legs out to elbows but in this plank you have go in with your legs one by one.

At the end your arms probably dying and your core will shake but you have to do this last exercise. Cross your left know almost touch your right elbow and right knee to touch your left elbow. after the completion of exertion just go into the stretching position just for about 3-4 seconds and you are done successfully.

Stick to this workout and after finishing your session you will slowly observe the progress of your belly. You can really target those muscles with this minimum daily routine, just spare 5 minutes for yourself only. Good-luck 🙂