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Mind Blowing Summers Beauty Tips that Will Make You Gorgeous

Top beauty tips to to follow in summers

Back breaking summers are here! one and all dreams of going out and have fun but just think about that horrible stubborn stocks on your skin before you plan to out.

The devastation derived by dirt and impurities, sun tans, pigmentation, wrinkles, dark circles and dark spots all transpires due to heart pounded summers heat.

Feel lucky because here are so many beauty saving clear-cut beauty tips and offerings on skin care.



Closeup of a beautiful woman applying moisturizer on face

Moisturizing is essential to the skin. Many of us thinks that winters are over to so it is not regimen to use moisturizers but the truth is, you are wrong my dear.

The extreme sun calefaction creates dehydration into the body and makes skin dry. Sun-baked skin prone to damage and dullness, save your skin from loosing its moisture. Moisturizers protects your skin from pollution, sun-burn and bacteria. Use a non greasy or water based moisturizer and check first the ingredients, take the one with vitamin-E.

2.Drink as much as you can


Start your day with some warm lemon water

The problem with summers is that its heat made you sweat a lot and your body cells lose water very quickly, drinking lots of water can save you from many things such as, feeling of weakness, faintness and dehydration. Water and fresh juices perpetuates your body’s moisture levels and make it automatically glow.

The people who amasses dehydration and tucked with acne and pimples so, here is a good news for those that water and fresh juices can do wonders for them by removing all the heat from their stomach and dryness from the skin.

3.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the best thing anyone can have on their skin as it solves so many skin problems and nourishes the skin instantly. Cools your skin off and act as soothing balm after a long warm day because it contains antioxidants which provides your skin life.

almost all the beauty products we used to use contains aloe Vera gel because it has skin whitening and brightening properties. You can use a fresh aloe Vera gel or a market one and shine the day.


You skin needs to be clean to go for any treatment of makeup on. Exfoliation removes the dirt and saves your skin from clogging pores. what you need to do is, maintain your budget with the home made exfoliation and with the market one.

Scrub your skin 2 times a week and do not do it for everyday it can create redness, rashes and breakouts. Just do it like on Monday and then Thursday, only twice a week to have flawless skin.

5.Sun Screen

Young woman with sun shape on the shoulder holding sun cream bottle on the beach

Sun rays are harmful for skins and damages making brown spots, fine lines and dryness.

Protection from sun rays is mandatory in daily routine even its winters, you have to apply sun screen on your skin.

Let me tell you that the best sun screens are those having SPF 30 in it. Take as I suggested and apply thoroughly on the skin and redo it every of the next few hours.

6.Healthy Diet 

Healthy diet intakes are necessary in summers and also throughout the whole year. Make sure that your body have complete calcium and vitamins.

Eat in great amount of boiled, raw food among fruits and veggies to fulfill your body requirements, go for juices, smoothies and salads. These all are excellent nutrients for your bones and skin.