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HUM TV’s Official Statement Released For Award Show Controversy

Celebrities who were spotted flying out Toronto like Yasir Hussain and Mahira Khan among others for 6th HUM awards when there were only two days left for Pakistan’s general election 2018. #BoycottHumAwards has been trending over the internet. Even a petition on social media has been circling boycott the awards show and the celebrities.

A lot has been said about all of them, their fans, followers and fellow celebrities are criticizing them for neglecting their civic duty to vote even the stars have explained about their tough departure citing unavoidable professional obligations. In a series of tweets, HUM TV issued its official statement on how it was not possible for them to change the award’s date as it is to be an occasion of a big expanse internationally.

A statement by the HUM TV awards organizer.

HUM TV’s affirmed official description for their fans and followers, only selected stars who were required for rehearsals were flown out early and the rest can travel to Canada after casting their votes.

Pakistan’s popular channel HUM TV also stated that the date for HUM awards was decided six months ago when the election dates weren’t disclosed. The resources committed to the event prevented them from rescheduling the event dates.

Additionally, they said, they are confident and sure that their event will defiantly promote Pakistan’s soft image to the whole world.


The 6th Hum Awards are being held this Saturday on 28th July 2018 in Toronto.

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